~We want to make SURE you get a pattern suited for your needs and now adding PATTERN CLASSIFICATION to our pattern descriptions.~

Patterns that can be purchased, cut out, sewn together and will fit the size as listed. A "generic" fit.  Best for when you need them to fit  MULTIPLE DANCERS, easy to alter, or clients that you will not be doing a fitting on.Instrustion for basic bodice, classical tutus are purchased seperately. (see "INSTRUCTIONS")

Patterns that are "more advance" or better suited for those that will be doing pattern alterations or mock up/fitting, then doing a final garment. Best for CUSTOM TUTUS, PRINCIPAL DANCERS.  These can be used by others, but we do like to make aware of several points not always considered in purchasing tutu (bodice) patterns. IF you have curved lines (most do) they will often NOT line up if you take in a seam. Alterations should be done to the pattern BEFORE sewing begins. 

While we are always happy, as time permits, to answer general questions, we are unable to answer questions about your project or "how to". We hope the instructions will provide you with enough information. We DO recommend taking classes, as we feel this is the fastest and most efficient way to start on this journey. Our seminars teach you construction methods and tips as well as pattern alteration,  fitting and many more fun and useful classes. Please see "SEMINARS" page for current and upcoming seminars here and abroad.

Important Ordering Information

Most PATTERNS are purchased separately from sewing instructions. Many already know how to sew a bodice or tutu skirt and just want to add new styles or sizes. For those who want or need INSTRUCTIONS they are available below, for construction and sewing basics.

STUDENT (girls) sizes are available in most styles. PLEASE NOTE, our girls patterns now no longer have extra growth ease.  

TWEEN sizes are now being added. We'll be adding more as we get them finished. 

PATTERNS and INSTRUCTIONS can now be emailed in PDF files! To print out patterns, you will need to be able to print to scale (usually called "tile printing"). Save shipping charges and get quickly!

SHIPPED PATTERNS: Some instructions/notes included with patterns are only sent pdf. There are several that are better viewed on the computer. We've many diagrams that you may want to zoom in on. 


Delivery Methods:

  • By email: If you select the email delivery method, we will email the pattern(s) to you as soon as we receive your order, and can process it. Usually within 24 hrs at the most. 
  • By mail: Your pattern(s) will be shipped by USPS as soon as possible, usually within the week. 

Shipping Charges:

 Shipping on patterns sent by mail is $1.50 per pattern. The shipping costs will be added to your cart during checkout. International customers (outside the United States) will be charged $3.00 per pattern.