About our SEMINARS. It is not just sewing skills that are required to make or “build” a tutu, but the experience and knowledge put into its design, fabric choices, construction and fitting that make a quality tutu. With some practice most intermediate sewers can follow a pattern and “make” a tutu for a recital or student dancer, but the demands of a professional require more than that. It starts with knowing a dancer’s needs.

Our Seminars teach just that!  From construction methods, working (fitting) on dancers, to the "Art" of the tutu (design and embellishing).

Classes cover more than just the sewing techniques you need to know, but also "How's" and "Why's". 
•   How total freedom of movement is essential, through the cut of the bodice and skirt.
•   How the cut of the costume is also designed to show off the dancers’ body and lines to their full potential.
•   Before building a tutu you must also consider the choreography... Will they be partnered? What lifts will be done? Will your tutu work in this situation? 
•   Is this for a soloist or principal dancer (custom fitted) a company (easily altered to fit others), or for a competition? A student or professional?
•   The construction, including fabric choices, should be sturdy enough to last many years, 
     and through many alterations.

Learn new skills or hone skills you already have. Join others in learning more about this art form. Much of the information provided is only learned as apprentices or “hands on” in a costume shop or over many years of experience. For up to date information, like our facebook page.

We will be posting 2018 seminar as soon as they are confirmed. 

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Upcoming Seminars


2018 DATES/LOCATION will be posted as soon as they are confirmed. 

We will be doing more seminars in 2018 like this.

  • Shorter, more intensive classes.
  • We’ll provide or be offering some pre gathered, steamed ruffles to help time management.
  • Less time away from home/family/work
  • Less costs over all
  • New, more intimate venue location (kitchen included)
  • More one-on-one, individual attention.
  • Limited availability.

Learn what we teach best.

  • How to build a tutu efficiently.
  • The “hows”, “why’s” and “how to’s” that are seldom offered
  • The importance of fitting and advantage our patterns provide.

                 Join us! 

Registration/Class Information Coming Soon


Next Tutus that Dance UK seminars

         1st and 3rd June 2018:    BODICES, BOY'S TUNICS (2 long weekends) 

         8th and 11th June 2018:  SKIRTS, PLATES 

         28th June thru 1st July, 2018: STRETCH DANCEWEAR (4 days)

         6th thru 9th September: ADVANCE SEMINAR (4 days) 


Registration/Class Information Coming Soon