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About our SEMINARS. It is not just sewing skills that are required to make or “build” a tutu, but the experience and knowledge put into its design, fabric choices, construction, and fitting that make a quality tutu. With some practice, most intermediate sewers can follow a pattern and “make” a tutu for a recital or student dancer, but the demands of a professional require more than that. It starts with knowing a dancer’s needs. Our Seminars teach just that!  From construction methods, working (fitting) on dancers, to the "Art" of the tutu (design and embellishing). Classes cover more than just the sewing techniques you need to know, but also "How's" and "Why's". 

•   How total freedom of movement is essential, through the cut of the bodice and skirt.
•   How the cut of the costume is also designed to show off the dancers’ body and lines to their full potential.
•   Before building a tutu you must also consider the choreography... Will they be partnered? What lifts will be done? Will your tutu work in this situation? 
•   Is this for a soloist or principal dancer (custom fitted) a company (easily altered to fit others), or for a competition? A student or a professional?
•   The construction, including fabric choices, should be sturdy enough to last many years, 
     and through many alterations. Learn new skills or hone skills you already have. Join others in learning more about this art form. Much of the information provided is only learned as apprentices or “hands-on” in a costume shop or over many years of experience. 

 Learn what we teach best.How to build
a tutu efficiently.
The “hows”, “why’s” and “how to’s” that
are seldom offered
The importance of fitting and advantage
our patterns provide.
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We are trying to do our part in keeping everyone safe and well. Seminars have been temporarily postponed. 

For continuing education and learning we have several options. 

Our sister program: Tutu Education is an online video library with over 250 video with more being added each month. It is a subscription based membership, drop in for a month or annually and save. 


Our online Tutu Tutoring is newest program! Get one-on-one personalized online lessons. We'll answer your questions, help with a project, show you some new skills or hone what you know..its up to you! Learn efficiently and at your own pace.  Lessons are $60 per hour. Your tutor can help you decide on best session schedule, either 1 session, a session with a follow up, or a series of shorter sessions.  An edited video of your lesson/s is also available on request.  contact us at and ask for a tutor request.