Bag Out Method

Bag Out Method


What does bagging out mean and when and where to use it.
What does the term mean?
  • Bagging out, or bag out refers to sewing your lining edge to your fashion fabric edge right sides together, trim, grade and turn right side out. The seam allowance will now be on the inside, and you will have a finished edge that needs no other treatment.
Where to use it
  • Only use on edges that will never be altered.
  • Most common are often armholes (where either there are no sleeves, or where they will be attached after), men’s jacket fronts, some necklines.
  • Some edges (i.e. Baroque jacket) are long bias curves and should also be stabilized with seam tape or twill tape before bagging out.
When to use
  • Ballet costumes need to be as alterable as possible, use with care. Think thru the construction and possible alterations before deciding.
    • I mark my pattern piece. Highlighting the edges I want to bag out.
  • Most often used on one edge, leaving other edges overlocked and sewn together as normal.
  • You can also bag out an entire garment such as a vest.


  • Placing right sides together, align the edge you will be bagging out.

    • You will notice that we use our method of overcutting fabric.
    •  Be sure to align and trim before bagging out the edge.
  • Pin then stitch seamline.

 Trim, Grade

  • Trim, grade seam allowance
  • Clip if needed on tight curves.
  • Add seam tape to stabilize if needed.


 Turn and Press

  • Turn right sides out
  • Press
    • Be sure to press so that the lining does not show from the front.
    • You can understitch if you need to.



  • Finish each panel in the standard way. Turn right sides out
  • Check that all edges needed are bagged. Continue normal construction.







































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