This brief list of resources is provided for your convenience. 

Tutu Nets Midwest: USA 

Tutu Neto & Notions : UK

Valorose Tutus and Textiles : Scotland, UK

Zan Fashion

Oriole Textile Co

Bernstein Textiles  

Hoop Wire: 


Richard the Thread: 

  • Worldwide distributor of corset supplies (corset busks, hooks, and eyes), costume supply-notions, fabrics including fine English coutil, and dress forms.


Costume Inventory Resources:

Tutu Education: 

  • Online Tutu Video Library.
  • Learn how to build tutus, tunics, tiaras, and more. 
  • Please be aware this is a subscription program with auto renewal.   
  • For enquiries please contact them at We are unable to respond to your queries. 

Trims and Embellishments: 

  • These are more easily shopped locally if you have good shops that supply quality laces, appliques and trims where you can see/touch them
  • Usually you will have to search online: When searching, take note of the names used. "French lace", Corded lace, water-soluble lace, Appliques, etc.
  • There are thousands of place selling beautiful things but often their stock changes so pick up while you can. 
  • Etsy, Alibaba, Aliexpress etc. 
  • Building your resource list takes time.