Dyeing Net Ruffle Basics – Tutus that Dance


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Using Rit Dye 

  •  Dye colors require different temperatures and length of time in dye bath to get different colors…you need longer and hotter water to do darker colors… always test!
  • Using hot water also will soften net so use only as hot as you need to get color.
  • Do not wrinkle net when dyeing, it will be much easier and faster to not have to iron.
  • Cut ruffles (as you normally do) fold into smaller rolls or small parcels, lengthwise. This keeps any wrinkles you do get going the same direction as the folds and will not show.
  • Have all ruffles "ready" (cut and in rolls or small folded parcels) 
  •  Prepare dye  
  • Use a plastic container, a size that the ruffles will fit into lying flat. A fish poacher pan is the perfect size with little wasted water. It also can be heated on the stove! Plastic containers can be used if not using too hot of water. You may not be able to remove the color from plastic.   

  • Bleach removes most dye from sink.
  • Always test the color.
  • Take one roll/ruffle and dip into dye all at one time to get even color. Rinse 
  • Safety pin to a hanger to dry.
  • Make sure to label all ruffles
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