Storing Tutus

Storing Tutus



Tutus Storage

  • Tutu should be stored flat if at all possible. Kept dust free and edges protected from being crimped. Protect tulle/net from embellishments.

Where to Store

  • Under beds and hanging on walls is a commonplace to consider for one or a few tutus.
  • If you store in a closet and it is not deep enough, attaching a short bar at the top facing out, will allow you to hang tutus easily.


 If you have a lot of tutus and room for it, building a tutu storage box is very handy.


 How to store

  • Covering tutus will keep the dust off. Use a breathable cover (lightweight fabric), rather than plastic for long term storage.
  • Tutu hangers are also a practical way to hang
  • Do not “hang” by the shoulder elastics. The elastic will eventually lose its “stretch”.
  • Some like to store tutus upside down. Do not hang by the crotch. This is a delicate area and may result in weakened fabric and elastic.
  • Romantic tutu’s may be stored, covered (breathable) and hung by loops sewn into the costume.

 Tutus Bags

  •  Tutus bags are great for traveling with your tutu.
  • They are not suggested for long term storage
    • Be sure the tutu stays centered and the edges are not crimped.
    • Water resistant or waterproof will protect your tutu for traveling.
      • Ripstop fabric is a nice lightweight fabric to consider.
    • Do not use for long term storage, breathable fabric is better.


            Tutu Bag pattern: 

            Tutu Hangers:   

            Tutu Stand (Italy)



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