Want to get the perfect fit?

Want to get the perfect fit?

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Want to get the perfect fit?   It starts with altering your pattern to match your dancers measurements. You’ll notice that our patterns have the bust, waist, hips and other important markings on them. This is because our goal is “To provide you with the tools to create what inspires you”.

How to alter the bodice width:

  • Start with taking accurate measurements! You can learn more about this in our ARTICLES, or for hands-on training, working on actual bodies and under the guidance of our teachers, at our SEMINARS.
  • With your measurements, you can now alter your pattern.

The diagram on this alteration is available as PDF.

Step one:  Cut out and align your pattern, pin or tape the middle front to the side front (advantage of our PDF patterns, you can print out copies!).

Step two:  Cut vertically down the center of the pattern pieces as shown. Do not cut the center front panel.

Step three:  Adjust by spreading apart (or overlapping) and until the measurements are the same as your dancers.  Remember the pattern is ½ the total.  32” bust = 16” across the pattern. Tape paper behind the “spread” or tape together if overlapping.

Step four:  Reassemble the side and middle front pieces. True up all seams where cut.

Step five:  Check measurements.

To learn how to apply to classical tutu skirts, men’s and more…see us at our seminars.

Invest in your training!

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