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Our Online Tutu Tutoring is newest program! Get one-on-one personalized online lessons. We'll answer your questions, help with a project, show you some new skills or hone what you know. Its up to you! Learn efficiently and at your own pace.  Lessons are $60 per hour. Your tutor can help you decide on best session schedule, either 1 session, a session with a follow up, or a series of shorter sessions.  An edited video of your lesson/s is also available on request.


Contact us at and ask for a tutor request. 



Tutu Education is an online video library with over 250 video with more being added each month. Learn the art of the classical tutu. Whether you’re new to tutus, a seasoned pro or somewhere in between you will learn how to make a classical ballet Tutu and more.

Helpful step by step learning. Our videos will provide quick access to specific subjects as needed. Tips, tricks, and specials for members only. Support from our talented teachers. Question and answer sessions. All at home and at your own speed, with 24/7 access to hundreds of topics. We’ll be there for you providing needed skills, information and resources for all.  

Please be aware this is a subscription program with auto renewal. 

If you have any enquiries or need to contact Tutu Education please contact them at We are unable to respond to your queries.