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About our Patterns

We want to make sure you get a pattern suited for your needs and now adding recommended SKILL LEVEL CLASSIFICATION to our pattern descriptions.

  • Product details will provide the category level recommended. 
  • Levels are described below.  
  • ALL patterns assume some moderate sewing experience. 
  • PLEASE understand, our patterns are made for performing. They have little or no ease and are made to fit a performing dancer. Skin tight, no wrinkles. You may want to adjust the pattern or go up a size if your needs are different. 

CATEGORY I...Easiest 

This level can be purchased, cut out, sewn together and will fit the size as listed. Best for when you are newer to costume construction, or you need them to be easy to alter, fit multiple dancers or for clients you will not be able to fit. Instruction for learning more can be purchased separately. See "INSTRUCTIONS". 

CATEGORY II...More Complicated

Best for those with some experience in costuming. Measuring, pattern alterations, costume construction and fitting. skills needed. Mockups and fittings are recommended. 

CATEGORY III...Advanced  

More complicated and advanced patterns. Experience and knowledge in costuming is assumed. Best for those already familiar with costume construction or those doing more custom work. Mockups and fittings are recommended when possible. 


We offer INSTRUCTIONS booklets covering detailed information from "what you need to know, "how-to", construction methods and more on different subjects. Purchased separately, this allows you to learn more about costuming and purchase only what you need. Some instructions or notes that are needed for a particular pattern or style are usually provided with the pattern.  Our #001, #002, #003 INSTRUCTIONS cover traditional tutus,  #005, #006 cover men's and "A guide to Sewing Stretch Tutus" cover stretch tutus.  


YARDAGE: We recommend you lay out your pattern to determine the amount of yardage needed. Fabric comes in many different widths. You may want to include enough to match a print, nap, have enough for a matching basque or for your piping.

How-To and PDF Articles: Great tips, tricks, advice and information. Check out our free "How-To" page for this useful information. Collect these "PDF Articles" and start your own "Tutu Notebook". 

QUESTIONS: While we are always happy, as time permits, to answer general questions, we are unable to answer questions about your specific project, fabric or pattern choices.  We hope the instructions or FAQ will provide the information you need to make your choices. 

CLASSES: We highly recommend taking classes, as we feel this is the fastest and most efficient way to start on this journey. From beginners to those just wanting to hone their skills, our seminars offer classes in basic and advance construction, pattern alterations, fitting and many more fun and useful courses.   

Please see "SEMINARS" page for current and upcoming seminars here and abroad.


Purchase of this pattern entitles you to make as many items from this pattern as you like for your own personal or small business use. Purchase does not entitle you to share, make copies, trace, reprint, or sell. If purchasing for use in a class not taught by TTD, please understand that the methods are not ours or sanctioned by us.  Patterns are not to be purchased by the teacher, but those attending class only. Using, posting or sharing our sketches, diagrams or photos is not allowed. 

We do appreciate you giving us credit when possible.

Thank you~