James Cameron

Former professional dancer
"In my over 20-year career as a professional dancer, I have learned what works and doesn’t work in costuming.
As a performer, I must be able to project and present my most honest persona to the audience. If I am concerned about my costume, in either fit or design, I am wasting some of my abilities as my focus becomes diffuse. My art suffers.
Of the costumes I have worn for performances, from old 1960’s San Francisco Ballet to more recent (2003) ABT costumes, a great many have inhibited my connection with the audience.
All of Suzanne’s costumes that I have worn have proven to be the finest I could hope to perform in. From the precise fit, to the considerations of the natural fabric's bias providing the perfect amount of freedom, Suzanne's costumes not only compliment, but accentuate my freedom of movement and thus, my connection with the audience.
Her application of years of knowledge, both dance and costuming, is astonishing. Even compared to the largest American dance companies, her work is exemplary in the field."

    Yoomi Lee

    principal dancer

    "What I want in a tutu is a great fit and a beautiful line. Suzanne’s tutus accomplish that. Her tutus are cut and shaped to flatter my body lines, give me a long leg line, and are most comfortable! Her classical tutus are made to hold their shape even while dancing, unlike a lot I wear that flop or lose their shape after a few wearings. They are custom shaped to fit a professional dancers needs, beautiful and allow complete freedom of movement."