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Tutus That Dance

Tutu Tacking Form #1

Tutu Tacking Form #1

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  • Description

Original Tutu Tacking Form (#1)

DIY Stuffable body for tacking, working on, and embellishing tutu classical skirts.  

  • Do it yourself.
  • Pattern, detailed instructions included.
  • Frame and base instructions.
  • List of parts you will need.
  • 2 sizes: A-C, Girls
    • A-C has side seam lines to indicate size options.
  • One of 3 versions available.
    • #1 Tutu Tacking Form Bottom (lower body) this pattern.
    • #2 Tutu Tacking Form Top (upper body)
    • #3 Tutu Tacking Form Combination (both upper and lower body) 
  • INSTANT Downloadable PDF Pattern
  • Please order the (free) "How to PRINT and ASSEMBLE your patterns" if needed. here:
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